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You’ve decided to move, and you want the process to go quickly. You don’t have time to wait months for your home to sell. So how do you pick up the pace and make sure you sell your home fast especially in a busy market?

It’s possible to get your home sold quickly, check out our top tips below.

Clean Your House Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

If there’s any time your home needs a deep cleaning, it’s now. Hire professionals if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Buyers are going to look in every nook and cranny. They don’t want to see dust, mold, or grime anywhere in your home.

Professional deep cleaners pay close attention to areas such as:

–          Corners of the room where no one seems to clean

–          Inside cabinets and closets

–          Inside and outside of the windows

–          Corners of the ceilings

–          Counter-tops and floors

Don’t forget, a part of cleaning your house is keeping it neat and tidy. You never know when you’ll end up with buyers walking through your home. Sometimes all you get is a 30-minute notice. Declutter as much as you possibly can before listing your home so that you don’t have to worry about major cleaning or pick-up before anyone walks through your home. If you have to, pay for storage either outside your home (like PODS) or for a storage rental unit. This way you can get all of the clutter out of the way.

Stage the Home

If you want to sell your home fast, you need to get rid of the personal touch. Make it look like a house – not a home. In other words, get rid of the personal pictures and knick-knacks. You may even rearrange the furniture to make the rooms look larger.

Buyers want to imagine their own items in your home. They need to see a natural flow throughout the home. Even if it seems inconvenient for the time being, rearrange your furniture so that it’s easy to walk through the home and view each room for all that it’s worth.

Paint Your Home

If the inside of your home has some crazy (but trendy) paint colors, consider investing in neutral paint throughout the home. Just because your daughter went through a neon blue stage or you loved the faux feather textured trend doesn’t mean potential buyers will love it as much as you did.

If you don’t have the time, hire painters to come in and paint the home white, cream, or tan. Just paint it a neutral color that enables buyers to envision their own belongings in the home without them clashing with the colors of the walls.

Create Curb Appeal

Buyers see your home’s exterior first. If your lawn doesn’t look manicured or the house doesn’t look ‘cozy’ from the outside, buyers may keep going onto the next house. Take the time and a few dollars to spruce up your yard. Plant a few flowers, put a chair on your porch, and a wreath on your front door. Make the house look welcoming, beckoning buyers to come in and see what’s inside.

Price it Right

Home buyers are going to look at your home listing online first. Typically, their eyes go to the price first. If you overprice your home, you’ll turn people off before they even step foot in your home. They won’t bother because they think you’re unreasonable.

While you don’t want to underprice your home, you need to price it just right. If you want to sell it fast, consider getting an opinion from a local appraiser that knows the area. Find out what homes like yours in the area sold for recently and then price your home accordingly.

Don’t make the mistake that buyers will assume they can always negotiate a lower price. High prices intimidate potential buyers, turning them away.

Find a Good Realtor

You have to choose – sell your home on your own or hire a realtor. If you want to sell your home fast, your best bet is to use a reputable realtor. Don’t settle for just any realtor, though. Ask around and find one with extensive experience in your area. You need someone that can read the audience, know the market, and be able to help you market and price your home for a fast sale.

Market Your Home

If you use a realtor, make sure the package includes marketing beyond listing it in the MLS. While the MLS is great, that’s for realtors. You want your home showing up on social media feeds and online classifieds where home buyers are looking for homes.

Don’t rely just on the realtor’s ability to bring in buyers either. Word of mouth spreads fast in today’s world using social media. Let everyone around you know that your home is for sale. Post it on your own social media site and ask that your friends and family share it. You never know when someone you know will know someone looking for a home in your area.

Choose the Right Time

Listing your home for sale in the middle of winter probably won’t get you the fast sale you desire. Spring and summer, particularly the month of May, are the best times to list your home for sale for a quick sale. This is when the weather is the nicest, home-buyers can get a true appreciation of a home’s exterior and they have plenty of time to settle in before school starts if they have kids.

Selling your home fast isn’t impossible, but it does require a lot work on your part. But you can sell fast with Marks & Impacts Homes. While you can’t just throw a sign in the ground and find a buyer, you can sell your home fast if you contact Marks & Impacts Homes for your home for sale at Marks & Impacts Homes we buy houses ‘As Is’. There are no needs for cleaning, painting, curb appeal, marketing, and most rewarding, the homeowners selling to us get to keep the realtors commission in their purse. During the spring months, homes sell faster, and we can make you an offer in 24 hours – you’ll have the best chance of selling your home as fast as you want. 

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